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FACT: You can’t buy a wife from RussianLoveMatch

I will be honest, there have been women who I wanted even after they said they felt that things wouldn’t work out. Did this upset me, yeah! A few times I even emailed them and asked them to expand their reasoning as to why they were not interested in me as I was interested in them. Sometimes they replied, sometimes not.

The true scam to me would be if this frustrating event NEVER happened. I have talked to several guys over the last month who were angry that women on RLM / HRB wouldn’t agree to meeting with them, were unwilling to talk dirty in chat, undress on cam, or expressed disinterest in other ways. “How DARE she!?! I’m a paying member!”

Well, what are you paying for? All the men I talk to usually say they want the same things up front- a good honest woman with old fashioned values that will love and care for them- but when you get down to brass tacks sometimes it seems like a few of them want to pick a picture and order a woman to their doorstep, whether the woman wants them or not.

I have heard complaints from other users that they think the women on RussianLoveMatch / HotRussianBrides are paid to chat, but it is these SAME people who say RussianLoveMatch is a scam that complain that the women won’t do what they want when they want, and that the women should do what they tell them BECAUSE THEY ARE PAYING MEMBERS. Where is the logic in that?

“Mailorder Brides” is a myth, and if you could order a mail order bride I wouldn’t want one. I want a real human being with real emotions and independent thoughts. Women from Russia are marvelously educated, sharp witted, and excellent conversationalists… if this doesn’t intrigue you maybe you are looking in the wrong place. Do you want a REAL woman or do you want a blow up doll? 

Did these men buy these women? No, they didn’t. How much would a company like Russian Love Match have to pay out to a woman to marry and have children with a man if she didn’t really love him, would being in a loveless marriage be any different or better for her than what she could already have in her home country? Could you put a pricetag on that? And if it did come with a price, would you be willing to pay? I think you should ask yourselves a personal question- is happiness just being with a woman or is happiness being with a woman who really loves you?

For the life of me I just can’t understand how you can believe women are paid to like you and then get upset when a woman doesn’t like you and say she must like you because you are willing to pay?

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